Amount of Time Price Membership Price
4 hours $14.00 $11.20
1 day
(8 hours)
$25.00 $20.00
1 week
(40 hours)
$110.00 $88.00
1 month
(160 hours)
$400.00 $320.00
1 year $3,840.00 $3,072.00

Virtual Workstation comes loaded with GiMP and Blender software, with the option to add your own software.

Available on Windows and Mac OS

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Want more than Workstation?

Virtual Studio bundles combine Virtual Workstation, Render Rocket and Storage to give you instant, affordable access to creative tools and simple global collaboration.

Virtual Workstation FAQ

What is a Virtual Workstation?

Virtual Workstation allows you to access Stratuscore’s graphic-intensive processing power in the cloud to use leading content creation tools — all you need is a computer with an 8Mbp/s internet connection. It is tied to our secure storage and cloud rendering giving you a seamless content creation experience.

Do I need to have a certain type of machine to use the Workstation?

As of now, you must have a computer (desktop or laptop), running Windows or Mac OS.

How do I add software to my Virtual Workstation?

You can add software once you are logged in on the Virtual Workstation page (which you can get to from your Dashboard). Some software requires that you add license or login credentials in order to use it in your Workstation.

Which software is currently available for use on the Workstation?

Gimp and Blender are included in your workstation for free but you have the option to add other software, so long as you provide log in credentials or license information.

Our current offerings include Maya 2016-2018 with many more to come.

How are Workstation hours kept track of?

The timer for Workstation hours begins counting down once your Workstation session key is downloaded, and ends once you've logged out of your Workstation session.