Move Massive Files Quickly and Securely

In the digital content business, moving large files securely, quickly AND economically has been a persistent challenge. StratusCore has built easy-to-use and economical file transfer solutions to meet the unique needs of the content creation industry.

TransferDepot is a simple-to-use browser-based tool where you can drop large files off at TransferDepot-enabled locations and transfer them to virtually any location, quickly and securely.

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Dedicated Bandwith Guarantees Speed

Dedicated multi-gigabit bandwidth is carved off just for you so that you know upload speeds will be lightning fast.

Industry Standard Tools Integration

Use popular technologies like Aspera for enhanced speed and security on a pay-as-you-go basis

Industry-Level Security

MPAA compliance, IPv4,6 and IPSec means superior performance with uncompromising security.

Love Aspera? So do we.

You can choose to use TransferDepot on top of your favorite transfer technologies like Aspera on a pay-as-you-go basis. You gain the convenience of TransferDepot’s simple-to-use interface and on-demand pricing model while also retaining the speed and security features that Aspera brings

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Integrated to Tap the Best of the Cloud

You can choose to just use TransferDepot to move your big files quickly and securely, then call it a day.

With StratusCore’s integrated platform, you can capitalize on the strengths of the cloud and tie directly into virtually unlimited secure storage, collaboration tools, content creation suites and cloud rendering for the most seamless content creation experience. Because these services are offered in an on-demand model, you're in full control of how much and how fast you want to jump in.

Digital Escrow

Digital Escrow holds and delivers content and payment when the agreement is fulfilled

Virtual Workstation

Create content using pay-as-you- go content creation licenses and graphic-intensive processing power

Secure Collaboration

Give rights to view or edit content. Communicate using secure project-based email. Content remains securely stored versus moving to off-premises storage

Convenient Rendering & Storage

Creative applications are adjacent to high- performance storage and rendering nodes to reduce transit time and costs

Quick Transfer

When it's time to transfer large files, StratusCore TransferDepot makes it fast and easy