The Cloud — more secure than private networks?

With the intellectual property of Media and Entertainment companies becoming the target of more breaches, security is understandably top of mind. The question is, how does one boost security measures quickly? The answer: The Cloud.

The top Cloud providers are now considered more secure than the vast majority of private networks. StratusCore, who sits on these clouds and has its own private cloud, then takes M&E-specific security to whole new level by adding robust network, asset, user access and communications security features that exceed MPA guidelines. All with a few clicks of the mouse.

Read the StratusCore Security White Paper to learn more about why there are still security breaches and persistent attacks, and what simple measures M&E executives can take to prevent them.

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"Through 2020, public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) workloads will suffer at least 60% fewer security incidents than those in traditional data centers."

– Gartner, “Is the Cloud Secure?”, Jan 2017

Gain Tough, Turnkey Security Quickly

Maintaining specialized security professionals and software can be cost-prohibitive and cumbersome for companies both large and small. At the same time, a firewall and antivirus software is not a security strategy.

By leveraging a multitier combination of products, technologies, services, and design expertise, StratusCore enables the most efficient, scalable, cost-effective, and secure networking and computing environment in the industry. Prolific security measures are woven into the very fabric of StratusCore’s content creation platform and network, so implementing rock solid security within and across branch offices and vendors is effortless. Scaling up and down compute, storage and workstations, and collaborating on content regardless of location takes just a few clicks, with security built in at every level.

Security Built In at Every Step

The four foundational elements of StratusCore’s security model include:


Symmetric and asymmetric encryption


Network & Web Security

Private Mail Security


Intrusion Detection System

Intrusion Prevention System



Identity and Access Management

Malware Protection

Content Encryption

Data in motion and rest are symmetrically and asymmetrically encrypted using Federal standards (FIPS 197 & 140-2). After customer use of storage facilities (public or private) is complete, all customer data is rendered unrecoverable, even with forensics. StratusCore securely deletes files using Department of Defense’s 5520.22-m wipe standard.

Content Security

Strong authentication, authorization and auditing protect StratusCore’s transport, web-based render services, storage, and virtual workstation service. StratusCore’s built-in private email service, with multiple security features, further protects producers, artists, and content owners.

Network Security

StratusCore’s platform includes firewalls, direct-fiber, intrusion & detection prevention systems, standard Federal security policies, and regulated network access control.

Secure Access

Identity and access management is universal. Access is safeguarded through role-based entitlements.

Esteemed Security Experts at Your Service

StratusCore’s Chief Architect, David D’Andrea, is a security scientist with decades of experience working on systems designed to satisfy the most rigorous federal and military IT requirements. Today, Mr. D’Andrea also serves as a Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Company's Master Technologist, specializing in federal and military high-security computing challenges.

StratusCore’s Strategic Board Advisor, Hemanshu (Hemu) Nigam, renowned media and entertainment security expert and CEO of SSP Blue, brings his experience as Chief Security Officer at both NewsCorp and Fox, as well as Vice President at the MPAA to help StratusCore continue to uphold its high integrity in security and stay ahead of new threats on behalf of its customers.

"Whenever the masses get access to more technology, hackers start paying attention, increasing the risk of hacks and privacy leaks. Recognizing this issue, StratusCore is giving the masses more creative technology that puts their creative genius on steroids while at the same time, taking great pains to limit the pipeline from cyber threats. With cyber security in their DNA, StratusCore is putting the security of its customers first."

— Hemu Nigam, Strategic Advisor to StratusCore