Easy and intuitive interface for an enjoyable creation experience

Instantly create on RAVEL Studio's web-based platform and get immediate access to your favorite creative software and infrastructure tools. Now you and your team can focus on what you do best: create amazing content.

Collaborate and easily add project team members or third party teams quickly and assign them creative software and infrastructure to meet deadlines.

What is RAVEL Studio?

RAVEL Studio is a SECURE web-based platform that is easily accessed through a web browser. Our platform is integrated with our cloud partners to enable quick, easy and integrated access to creative software tools, complex infrastructure, administrative and collaboration tools, and project management. In just a few clicks spin-up a secure creative environment.

Easy and intuitive interface for an enjoyable creation experience

  • Access to Marketplace of Creative tools and services
  • Quick access to Virtual Workstations (includes editing and VFX) with associated storage
  • Render with a full render pipeline and various storage solutions
  • Manage your teams, budget, and resource allocation
  • Secure your environment through access control & permissions

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RAVEL Studio includes the Creative Tools Marketplace.

RAVEL Studio provides three access levels for you, your team, and clients:

RAVEL Studio Pro Seat


Common users:

Individual contributors from medium to large organizations, Independent Artist/Editors

RAVEL Studio Enterprise Base Seat


Common users:

Businesses of all sizes that have consistent work and need a higher level of security and connection with other 3rd party vendors. This package includes one Enterprise seat, as well as 60 hours of Virtual Workstation time per month and 250 GB of Premium Storage.

RAVEL Studio Enterprise Team Seat


Common users:

Businesses of all sizes that have consistent work and need a higher level of security and connection with other 3rd party vendors. This package includes just the user seat, but no bundled resources.




RAVEL Studio bundles all the services you need to create, including: virtual workstations, unified storage, rendering, and administration and collaboration tools.

Get 20 free render credits, 1 Virtual Workstation hour, and 5GB storage with a Virtual Studio trial

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RAVEL Platform Components


Automation, auto-provisioning, and micro-renting of your favorite creative software from our Marketplace, cloud and on-premise infrastructure, and other key workflow tools.

Want to bring your own software? Whether customer built or previously purchased, no problem - enable any software tool to interoperate within your secure RAVEL environment through our secure and proprietary API-as-a-Service tool and share with your team.


Analytics, audit, & reporting for teams productivity. Understand your technical and human resources better. Budgeting projects more effectively for those working in your RAVEL environment.


Enable a secure environment including identity management, permissioning and access control to protect you and/or your clients assets and files.

Need more security? Add multi-factors of authentication by leveraging OATH token, Digital Badge, Common Access Card (CAC), Personal Identity Verification (PIV) solutions. Export reports for security audits, leverage the Optimize solution.


Collaboration with distributed, remote and on-premise teams within your secure RAVEL environment.

Create projects by leveraging your own taxonomy file structure. Allocate, track, and enable your team with creative software, workflow tools, and infrastructure to your team members easily and by project.


Access to a community of content creation talent who want to be found by project owners.

Check out the opt-in Scouting tool to find the right artist and team members. Search by experience with associated usage analytics usage & portfolio.

(NOTE: Opt-in by user, GDPR compliant, click here for privacy policies)

How do we deploy RAVEL Studio?

RAVEL Studio is deployed on top of StratusCore cloud infrastructure partners. This eliminates any management of cloud infrastructure for those teams who just need to get up and start creating.

All you need to do is sign up and login - and viola', you have your own segregated and secure collaboration environment to do your best work.

Collaborate with whomever, wherever

  • Create local or global teams and manage permissions in minutes
  • Content stays in the cloud for immediate collaboration - no transferring of huge files
  • Ability to co-create in a single workstation

A price point you can afford

  • Agile pricing to meet very specific needs
  • Single service and package options
  • Workstation by the hour, day, week, month


Build your business by tracking and monetizing your assets

Connect & grow

Collaborate in an online community that connects creative talent with high-caliber projects

I look everywhere to get the right talent to do the best job — literally globally. And StratusCore is the platform that ties our network of artists together to collaborate securely and allows me to easily manage them all.

Geoffrey Antony, GFZ Studios

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