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Virtual Workstation access Includes all features in RAVEL Studio Pro Two (2) Seat purchases required for addition to Enterprise Base Seat
Bring-You-Own Software Licenses for Virtual Workstations Requires the purchase of a minimum of Two (2) RAVEL Studio Enterprise Team Seats Access to Software Marketplace
Access to the StratusCore Marketplace of content creation software for rent by the hour, week, or month. Base Seat includes all Enterprise Admin Owner functionality with extensive User and Collaboration Management features Collaboration and creation with your Enterprise Team members worldwide
Access to the marketplace for Cloudware including Virtual Workstation Hours, Premium Storage, and Render Credits Onboard and collaborate with an unlimited number of Enterprise Team members and Studio Pro users (with Pro-to-Enterprise upgrade) anywhere in the world Fast, easy onboarding to projects and access to files
Work by-the-hour, day, week, or month on Standard and Performance GPU-accelerated workstations Create, manage and work on unlimited projects and add unlimited Enterprise Team members and Studio Pro members (with upgrade) to the projects from anywhere in the world Create and be added to unlimited projects
No up front cost or set up fees per Virtual Workstation Includes Sixty (60) Virtual Workstation hours/mo Direct, immediate, resource requests and allocation from Enterprise Admin Owner upon approval
Easy onboarding - no hardware clients needed Includes Two-Hundred-and-Fifty (250) GB of Premium Storage Ability to be designated as Enterprise Admin for increased features and functionality that matches Enterprise Base Seat
Regional Virtual Workstation access (US-Only; Limited Access from Canada; Other regions available - additional fees apply) Ability to purchase additional Virtual Workstation hours and Premium Storage for your seat or for distribution to any of your Enterprise Team members
Up to 4K playback at 60 FPS on Virtual Workstations Dedicated high-volume organization-wide shared storage
Up to 2 monitors supported on Virtual Workstations Dedicated region-specific Virtual Workstations (additional fees apply)
Access to StratusCore’s Launchpad plugin allowing you to render directly from your creative software suite VPN access to on-prem storage (additional fees apply)
Extensive render output options -Integrated renderer support Accelerated file transfer uploads via industry leading UDP accelerators (bring-your-own account)
5 GB Storage and archives to support your workflow needs Manage your Enterprise's Workstation Hours, Render Credits, and Storage allocations at the Project and individual level
Support for 3rd party cloud storage including BOX and DropBox View reporting on your organization's StratusCore resource usage
Virtual Workstation access from your Mac or Windows computer Custom Virtual Workstation configurations with whatever software you need (additional fees apply)
Create, manage, and work on 1 project, and add up to 2 team members for collaboration Custom Storage and archives to support your workflow needs (additional fees apply)
Industry-leading security Access to StratusCore SCOUT for discovering Artists worldwide to add to your projects
High-security Virtual Workstation support Enterprise level support
Ability to upgrade to Enterprise Team Seat when onboarding to an Enterprise Project
Artist Care support 7:00AM - 6:00PM PST, plus extensive support articles and information

Render Rocket

Render faster and more efficiently in the cloud. Plus, get free test renders and rendering storage with no cap.

Buy a package for volume discounts or select Pay-As-You-Go billing for exact credits used (no prior purchase necessary).
Render credits expire one year after purchase.

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