Find and choose the right the facility for you and your project

StratusCore helps you get your projects up and running quickly, without the headaches of designing and installing costly hardware and software. In a Powered by StratusCore™ facility, you can immediately begin project work using any StratusCore service, including Render, Storage, Access, Station, License, Depot, and Manage.

Lease exactly the right amount of space and equipment that you need for your project, for just the length of time that you need it:

Facility Type Desired term Workspace Type Lease Options
Short Medium Long Dedicated Shared By the Workstation By the Square Foot
Co-work facility
Commercial Building
Specialty Building

Co-work facilities offer dedicated and shared work spaces for individuals and teams to collaborate on a project.

Commercial facilities offer dedicated space for medium and long term projects.

Specialty facilities offer purpose-built space for studios, sound stages, screening facilities, and on-location shoots and are leased for short, medium and long term projects.

Want to become a Powered by StratusCore™ facility?

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