Clean Transfer of Assets and Payment

StratusCore’s Digital Escrow service is an easy way for artists and asset buyers to build a project together and secure a clean transfer of built assets and payment. Artists can feel assured that they will be fairly compensated in a timely manner, and buyers will feel confident their content will be delivered as expected and on schedule.

For this month only we're waiving the project setup fee — now $10 — is free for you for a whole month!

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How it Works

Define Work

Buyer and seller define deliverables and payment terms

Deposit Payment

Buyer securely deposits payment into a bank via Digital Escrow where it is safely held


Artist deposits digital assets in Digital Escrow where buyer views watermarked content online


If agreed upon conditions are met, content is released to the buyer and payment to the artist.

Protect Outcome

If parties are not in agreement, Digital Escrow does not release the content and payment is returned

StratusCore Digital Escrow

A simple and intuitive process

Create a new project screen

Digital Escrow Integrates with Cloud Services to Drive Efficiencies

With StratusCore’s integrated platform, you can capitalize on the strengths of the cloud and tie directly into virtually unlimited secure storage, collaboration tools, content creation suites and cloud rendering for the most seamless content creation experience. Because these services are offered in an on-demand model, you're in full control of how much and how fast you want to jump in.

Digital Escrow

Digital Escrow holds content and payment, and delivers them to the parties involved when the agreement is fulfilled

Secure Collaboration

Give rights to view or edit content. Communicate using secure project- based email. Content remains securely stored versus moving to off-premises storage

Quick Transfer

When it's time to transfer large files, StratusCore TransferDepot makes it fast and easy

integrates with

Virtual Workstation

Content creation using pay-as-you-go licenses for leading content creation tools and graphic-intensive processing power

Storage & Rendering

Creative applications work seamlessly with high-performance storage and rendering nodes to reduce transit time and costs