Serving freelancers of the gig economy

"As an artist, to have pay-as-you-go access to a bunch of the latest content creation tools without even needing a kit allows me to work on more projects and save a ton on my expenses. Now as the CEO of the VanCGA, I can collaborate effectively and add infinite project participants seamlessly!"


"With the impressive scalability of Render Rocket's remote render farm, we were able to turn around over two and a half minutes of 2K, 3D stereoscopic animation in a matter of hours to create the Ant Bully title."

"I look everywhere to get the right talent to do the best job - literally globally. And StratusCore is the platform that ties our network of artists together to collaborate securely and allows me to easily manage them all."

"StratusCore has given IATSE 891 members affordable access to current software tools and digital asset management in a secure environment. It also allows our members the option to supplement their existing kits or support a full migration onto the StratusCore platform. Keeping up with technology and managing digital assets has become an everyday part of our job and we have had very little structured IT support in the past, so this is a huge breakthrough for the film industry here."

"It is abundantly clear that we are facing a tsunami sized wave of data and an unquenchable demand to store, protect, share and move it in massive volumes at greater speeds while being able to track and archive it almost at the particle level. StratusCore is tackling these issues head on with innovative solutions."

"StratusCore's Render Rocket has made our company's growth possible using the on-demand render service as we need it. We will continue to rely on Render Rocket for all our deliverables."