We're excited to announce our Early Access Release pricing and Free Trial of StratusCore's Virtual Studio.

Welcome Visual Effects Society Members!

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Virtual Studio

Virtual Studio combines Virtual Workstation, Render Rocket and Storage to give you instant, affordable access to creative tools and simple global collaboration.

Available in hourly, daily, weekly and monthly options for ultimate flexibility.

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Virtual Workstation

Create rich characters and effects on your terms. You choose when and where to work, and with what tools.

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Render Rocket

Everything 3D artists need to immediately access massive rendering power with ease and assurance. Test renders are free.

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Try Virtual Studio for free

Try our suite of products for ten days, no payment method necessary. All you need is a Windows machine and an 8Mbps connection to get started.

24 Virtual Workstation hours

20 Render Credits

5GB hot storage


Track all who touch an asset, manage permissions, allocate budget, contain communications and much more — with ease.

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Digital Escrow

An easy way for artists and asset buyers to define a project and cleanly transfer final assets and payment.

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Our Customers Include:

  • Netflix
  • Universal
  • NYU
  • Sony Pictures
  • Tri Star
  • Warner Brothers
  • Amazon Studios
  • Walt Disney Pictures
  • Columbia Pictures
  • Paramount
  • Jaunt
  • Education
  • Dreamworks
  • Twentieth Century Fox