The automation and modernization of content creation and collaboration environments


StratusCore is the first secure cloud collaboration platform for today’s remote and distributed content-creation workforce. Our platform is comprised of a suite of solutions we call RAVEL.

Some people call us a PRODUCTIVITY tool purpose built for remote content creators.

Some people call us a MARKETPLACE of cloud infrastructure & creative software for distributed teams.

We call ourselves a SECURE ECOSYSTEM delivering a suite of solutions that:

Enables the micro-renting of cloud infrastructure and creative software on a PROJECT basis.

Provides the ability to manage and allocate these services to a team or project.

Enables remote & distributed collaboration.

Provides the analytics for budgeting, budget approvals and secure auditing.

Enables pay-as-you-go for what you use with easy-to-understand billing and invoicing.

LEARN more about our RAVEL suite of solutions:

Already have a cloud subscription - go to RAVEL Ochestrate          Want to spin up your secure content creation workplace NOW? - go to RAVEL Studio

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"It is abundantly clear that we are facing a tsunami sized wave of data and an unquenchable demand to store, protect, share and move it in massive volumes at greater speeds while being able to track and archive it almost at the particle level. StratusCore is tackling these issues head on with innovative solutions."

Warren Carr, Dreamworks, Minority Report, Hard Powder

Save Money & Time

  • Pay-as-you-go content creation tools – never pay for what you don’t use
  • Workstation-on-Demand eliminates need for a Kit
  • Render with ease and speed on budget
  • Transfer files lightning-fast

Collaborate Easily & Securely

  • Get invited to collaborate
  • Grant secure access to projects
  • Work on assets simultaneously regardless of location
  • Access industry-compliant secure storage

Get More Projects

  • Share your profile and work with productions looking for talent
  • Be discovered in our “Find an Artist” tool where studios and productions go to find talent

GPU-Accelerated Virtual Workstations

Multi-Team Collaboration

Creative Tool Marketplace

Fast, Cloud Rendering

Workflow Orchestration & Automation

Multi-project pipelines

Secure SSO & Watermarking

Support From Real Artists

Gain Instant Access to a Marketplace of Creative Tools to Expand Your Content Production Workflow


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