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StratusCore blends and extends your on-premise infrastructure and workflows for the optimal content creation experience

Accessed through a web browser, StratusCore's Virtual Studio includes secure workstation, integrated render, storage and file transfer with your favorite creation software tools
Save Money & Time
  • Pay-as-you-go content creation tools – never pay for what you don’t use
  • Workstation-on-Demand eliminates need for a Kit*
  • Render with ease and speed on budget
  • Transfer files lightning-fast*
Collaborate Easily & Securely
  • Get invited to collaborate
  • Grant secure access to projects
  • Work on assets simultaneously regardless of location
  • Access industry-compliant secure storage
Get More Projects
  • Share your profile and work with productions looking for talent
  • Be discovered in our “Find an Artist” tool where studios and productions go to find talent
  • Search for current and future projects

StratusCore Virtual Studio is Your Content Creator Toolbox

GPU-Accelerated Virtual Workstations
Multi-Team Collaboration
Creative Tool Marketplace
Fast, Cloud Rendering
Workflow Orchestration & Automation
Multi-project pipelines
Secure SSO & Watermarking
Support From Real Artists

Gain Instant Access to a Marketplace of Creative Tools to Expand Your Content Production Workflows

Creative Tool Developers find out how to rent and trial your software on StratusCore Learn more

Digital Content Production Tapping the Value of the Cloud for 2D.3D.VR.AR and more

Flexible Creation Suite Licenses
Render Farm
Remote Collaboration
Connect artists to productions
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